Information Management Assessment


Managing the information of a company is essential to ensure efficient operations, manage quality cost, provide timely and correct basis for decisions and gain and preserve any competitive advantages.

The discipline of Information Management, covers a wide range of sub-disciplines, including but not limited to governance, master data management, information security, document management etc.


It is estimated that 40% of all failed business initiatives fail due to poor data quality1, and that 16% of an average information worker’s time is spent searching for information, only succeeding in finding the desired information 56% of the times2.

The rapid growth in amount of information and increasing complexity of the information- and ICT-landscape needs to be managed through a fit-for-purpose information governance. This is essential to maintain corporate flexibility, ensure timely and correct basis for decisions, and avoid undesired cost increase.

The geo-political development, the development of international organised crimes and industrial espionage as well as the working habits of todays information workers (smartphones, home office, BYOD etc.) has significantly increased the need for a well managed information security capability. It is estimated that the average cost of security breaches for a company is $3,79M3

Avito Deliverables

Avito has hands-on experience in identifying a company´s information management maturity and helping companies to bring their ability to manage their information to the right level, all based on proven practice and acknowledged Information Management frameworks.

Our deliveries are:

  • Information Management maturity assessments and GAP-analysis

  • Suggested initiatives to close gaps between current and desired maturity

  • Suggested structure (organisational structure, roles and responsibilities, policies, processes etc.) for various elements within the Information Management discipline

  • Implementation of desired structures

Avito Capabilities

Avito advisors have extensive experience with information management projects for the oil & gas industry, which not only gives us relevant knowledge of the value chain within this industry, but also gives the opportunity to benchmark your company´s Information Management capabilities towards other companies.

Avito has been a contributor in projects for several companies at the NCS.