Fact-based decision support – a requirement for cost-efficient operations

Do you have a lot of data, but are unable to utilize their value in your daily operation?

An Enterprise Information architecture enables for a more efficient and safe operation while cutting cost at the same time, says Sverre Helland, Jarle Soland and Anja Helland.

Offshore and onshore operations involve numerous systems and resources that requires efficient information sharing.

Multiple systems and data sources form the basis as input both in field planning and day-to- day operations.

Data that are created in or fed into a system are often hard to utilize outside of that system. The consequence is that:

  • Collaboration between various disciplines and partners is inefficient

  • Their value as decision support for safe and efficient operation is reduced

  • Users’ capabilities of identifying areas for improvement are reduced

  • Dependencies on individuals are higher than necessary, and remote support is difficult

  • As a potential result, you will have higher cost to operate, and a potential lower production

Focusing on safe and efficient operations will require a structured and operation oriented information architecture that enables information sharing among all involved parties, providing instant operational insight.

Avito has over the last 10 years developed a framework/solution accounting for the challenge.

Historically, there has been less focus on enterprise information sharing and more focus on each individual discipline. Efficient and safe operation is dependent on fact-based decision support getting the right information, at the right time, from all disciplines.

Through applying extensive experience and domain knowledge within the energy sector to establish a complete overview of information

needs, an information architecture basis is formed.

To obtain a complete overview of requirements, safety, consequences and financial consequences, one must be able to gather data from several sources in order to make the right decisions.

Planning a shutdown or other activities in an efficient manner, while maintaining the possibility to introduce changes on short notice, will contribute to a more effective field operation. Today, this often requires a lot of work and analysis, which in turn reduces the dynamics and flexibility of these activities. Allowing for increased flexibility will result in better resource utilization and lower operational costs.

A requirement for optimal decision-making is the availability and quality of information.

By establishing a fully integrated information architecture, enabling for decision-support with access to all relevant data in one overall model, all stakeholders involved will relate to and deal with the same realities. Whether the purpose is reporting or decision-support depends on the needs at hand, but with access to both process data and other enterprise data extracted at requested intervals, both financial and project related conditions may instantly be revealed.

The ability to run integrated planning, daily reports, and analysis based on the same data ensures an efficient and safe operation. Data quality is verified in an overall organization information repository.

Avito has specialized their services in making the foundation for an effective operational environment built upon a solid information architecture. For players at NCS we can reduce both Capex and Opex for IT related tasks with up to 50% by focusing on information needs and a solid information architecture as enabler for efficient operation, says Eivind Jørgensen, general manager at Avito Consulting Oslo.

Det norske oljeselskap selects BI builders’ solution Xpert BI for Ivar Aasen

Det norske oljeselskap is in the final stages of completing the Ivar Aasen field development on Utsirahøyden. Production start-up is planned for Q4 2016.

As part of Det norske’s philosophy of efficient operations, the company has selected Xpert BI from BI builders as a tool for facilitating information for reporting and decision support.

The company has emphasized the importance of compiling data from various sources in an efficient manner in order to ensure decision support and control. Based on its recently established information architecture, easy and intuitive access to information will be an important contributor to the company’s operation.

The core component in achieving this is Xpert BI from BI builders. Xpert BI extracts data from any data source or application into a relational data model. This ensures the establishment of an enterprise information repository that allows all departments and disciplines to utilize the same data for their various purposes.

Through Xpert BI’s automated process the solution can be established significantly faster compared to traditional approaches, yielding seven-digit savings for a traditional oil and gas company. This applies to both the establishing- and operating stage.

Xpert BI is a Microsoft SQL server based tool that is designed to automate and improve all aspects of data warehousing and Business Intelligence – especially in the areas of extraction- and transformation processes, also known as ELT. There are numerous tools for visualization and analysis on the marked covering different needs. Clients of BI Builders are using tools such as Excel, Sharepoint, PowerBI and Qlik.

Regardless of what tool and method you choose, make sure that the decisions you take are based on qualified data.

BI builders was established in 2011, as part of Avito’s Innovation initiative. Engie acted as industrial partner together with Innovation Norway. Engie is still actively using the solution, as well as several other clients within other industries.