Integrated Operations


Customer: E&P Company

The Company was the operator for a large field in Iraq and saw the need for implementing some of the North Sea practices for Integrated Operations in order to achieve better control over the drilling operations, but also to minimize personnel exposure to a high risk environment. The company chose to use Avito due to limited internal experience.


The scope of the project was to provide recommendations and implement Integrated Operations principles between the Iraqi field office, the regional office and the Corporate HQ.

This work included:

  • Company drilling organization recommendations

  • Software recommendations

  • Split of responsibility between company offices and contractors

  • Collaboration system recommendations

  • IT network architecture recommendations

  • Input to field development budget.


In the Assessment phase, the impact of implementation for the organization, work, office areas, software and infrastructure were addressed. The information gathering was based on document reviews and hour-long interviews with a large number of stakeholders in the in-scope work processes and technical disciplines. The findings were presented in a report, together with recommended changes to the ongoing position, a scope for further work and a rough estimate of the costs.


In this phase, the project scope was specified into several sub-projects. The deliverables were:

  1. Scope, plan and budget for implementation project

  2. Description of facility design and technical infrastructure requirements

  3. Technical description suitable for procurement

  4. IT security risk assessment

  5. MTO assessment

The design work was based on in-depth interviews with work process stakeholders as well as discussions with technical personnel and technology providers, and was performed in accordance with acknowledged standards.


Avito managed technical engineering and documentation, project management and interface management between IT, architects, the base organization and various technology vendors for all sites.

Post implementation support

Avito was responsible for user training, user support and technical support in the transition phase between project and stable operation. Avito was also responsible for securing a service agreement between the Company and a technical service partner.


Fully functional Integrated Operations environment with trained users.

Lessons learned

Avito’s integrated Operations methodology and competence is applicable for oil companies operating in different environments, also internationally.