Avito is a consultancy of energy industry experts who deliver performance improvement through an optimised operating model.

Our diversity and experience enable us to deliver multi-functional teams to cover the interfaces between leadership, organisation, process and technology.




Avito is focusing on the energy industry. We aim to improve performance by optimising our client’s operating model, defined to encompass leadership, organisation, processes and technology.

Examples of areas of expertise are:

  • Transformation from being an exploration company to becoming an operator on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (“NCS”)

  • Government requirements for operating on the NCS

  • Defining oil & gas companies operating philosophies, supported by the appropriate operating models (e.g. organisation, business processes, IT strategies etc.)

  • Using technology as a competitive advantage in exploration & production

  • Business process optimisation due to change in the competitive landscape, new business areas, new partnering strategies etc.

  • Strategic procurement and implementation, e.g. operating as customer’s project manager in implementation of ERP systems

  • From design to implementation of integrated operation best practices

Some of our areas of expertise are further defined within Avito’s services. To learn more about our services please see below.




Avito has defined its offering through a number of services which are developed to deliver performance improvement. The services do not represent an exhaustive list of what we do, but are areas within the energy industry’s operating model where we have:

  • A thoroughly tested methodology

  • In-house core competency and experience

  • Carried out successful customer projects